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    Welcome to the Lamar Valley Pack. The Lamar Valley Pack is a pack founded by Newmooon  in January 2010. Our pack is a game based wolf pack for WolfQuest. WolfQuest, is a website that is based around wolves behavior and our pack is part of their multiplayer system. To get to WolfQuest go to

    Our pack is a pack of speed, stamina, strength, and skill. The Lamar Valley Pack, founded by Newmooon and the Lamar river pack founded by Safren are some of the most skilled hunters and fighters in WolfQuest. We are a social pack and are welcoming to any new members who meet the requirements (Rules and Requirements). We are ready to accept any one who has the necessary hunting and fighting skills and is ready to follow the rules. To join you must apply at the Apply page, email me at, apply at our pack forum, or meet me in game. Once ready you must try to kill a cow elk with out dieing and role play (RP) fight with me. This will be a good test of fairness, hunting skills, and fighting skills. Welcome to the pack! ~Newmooon

Motto: You choose the path for your own PAW STEPS. Choose wisely and you will become the ALPHA.

Pack Colors: White, Silver, and Blue

For any questions go to the FAQ.